Club Meetings Season 1 Collection

Club Meetings Season 1 Collection

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All 12 Episodes of Club Meetings Season 1, plus collected extra content and a special summer minisode!


This download has every single episode of Club Meetings Season 1! Relive one of the best, most fulfilling and wholesome stories in DDLC modding from start to finish in one convenient package. Plus: the collected poems and character-made mods from season 1, with commentary from your favorite club members, and Sayori's never-before-seen mod!

Plus an extra summer minisode, where the club answers more viewer e-mails and goes on summer adventures with exclusive scenes for each character!

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99 | Feb. 17, 2021, 12:01 p.m.

Doki Doki Club Meetings is an episodic mod that continues off the original game. However, I wouldn’t call it a sequel mod because that’s not its intended purpose. What it does is detail the lives of the dokis after the events of the game, and they established themselves in their reality such that they could carry on. Everyone’s alive, everyone’s self-aware, and the club meets once a week for various activities. The mod was produced over time and you can see how it evolves. The author gradually develops into their habits (for better or worse), and their effort to keep things rolling is admirable, to say the least. For a mod with weekly releases, there’s an impressive amount in here.

The mod itself feels a bit like a sitcom starring the dokis. There are no routes and the story is linear. There are choices, but none of them impact the course of events. There’s a little replay value if you want to see the outcome of every option, but the plot remains the same, and you’re often able to choose all the options in a list before moving on. The MC is a separate character from the player and we are at the mercy of “the game’s perspective” as it meanders about, following or occupying whichever doki it deems fit to show.

Since this mod is acting as an extension of the original game, I’m happy to say that the characters all feel like themselves…mostly. There are a few out-of-character moments, but I could pin them down to single instances more than any overarching problem, and they’re usually done for the sake of humor. The only one I’d mention is that Natsuki is very foulmouthed, especially in the early episodes. Now, I know she swears in OG, but it only happens in Act 2, and cursing isn’t part of her regular dialogue otherwise. That said, if anyone in the club was going to be the type to swear casually, it would be Natsuki. I only get the impression that she would have to be really comfortable with the people she’s around to curse openly, and she certainly could hit that point with her clubmates, but I feel like we skipped that step of development and she’s already fine popping into the club shouting “Sup, bitches!” once the mod has begun. It becomes less of a thing over time, but she still swears the most out of any of them.

The rest are pretty much spot-on with their canon selves, so characterization is solid. The dokis have their personalities expanded upon in mostly believable ways. Some parts feel a bit headcanon-y, but with the type of content this mod offers, it’s inevitable. The course of any given episode is generally as follows: pre-club time with one or more dokis, club activity, poem sharing, email answering, and post-club time to wrap things up. The emails come in from real viewers/players, and the dokis respond to whatever they’ve been asked. Naturally, this means the dev has to concoct opinions for all of them on a regular basis, and as I said, it’s mostly fine. Some of the questions were about things I have no knowledge of, so I can’t speak to the accuracy of what they say on those. Others, I felt like I had a better handle, and there were times when answers seemed off or didn’t fit with something I knew from canon. Still, these are small things and easily forgivable. They shouldn’t detract much from the experience.

I’m glad that the mod has a story apart from the day-to-day of the meetings, as I don’t think I would have been nearly as invested if it didn’t. Club activities and poem sharing are nice, but in a way, they’re kinda just filler. Once you already get to know the characters themselves, these extra scenes can feel like padding between the ‘good stuff.’ It’s not that they aren’t entertaining or as if they were lacking effort; quite the contrary. A substantial amount of care has been put into each one, and I can only imagine how difficult it was to keep up with all those in-character poems. It might also have hurt the pacing if there was only the ‘good stuff’ with nothing to break it up. It’s just a lot of inconsequential things that don’t really tie in, so that’s why it may feel like fluff.

I can understand why these things are included, though. Poetry was a major aspect of the original game, and it makes sense they would keep it up as a club activity. However, I couldn’t really get into the poetry shared in this mod. It was different in the original because the poems by the club members help characterize them and foreshadow things. In Club Meetings, that purpose isn’t as relevant and the poems are just a thing they keep doing. Also, I feel like it’s a little self-aggrandizing for a writer to make a poem, then have the characters they’re writing praise/analyze what they wrote. I don’t know if the Club Meetings dev has multiple people for those segments, but I wanted to mention that regardless. Unless you have some genuine appreciation for poetry (I’m a philistine), you might not get much out of the ones in here.

Anyway, the main plot has multiple threads, and almost every doki has one. The only person who kinda doesn’t is Yuri, and it seemed like they weren’t quite sure what to do with her. She has a couple cutting incidents, and she’s taken up coding to learn more about her world and how to mod it (yes, they make their own mods). Some of what she does is important to the story, but she doesn’t really have a personal arc of her own. On the other hand, the rest of the club has plenty to deal with. Monika struggles to come to terms with life in their reality, managing her player obsession, her guilt from OG, and trying to keep calm without letting the cracks show. Natsuki takes up smoking to help her cope and falls in with the toxic popular crowd at school. Sayori, as you may expect, has to deal with her depression and manage her feelings toward MC, which she flip-flops between indulging and denying as her psyche flogs itself. Meanwhile, MC is still traumatized from his memories of Act 1 and wants to be with Sayori, but can’t allow himself to be honest about his feelings because he’s too afraid of getting hurt again. If any of them could be described as the primary conflict, it’s the MC/Sayori relationship arc. It develops piece by piece in each episode, the entire club gets involved in various ways, and the events/interactions/pacing are executed very well. It’s all handled tastefully and believably, and I actually felt something at one point, so you know it had to be good.

Club Meetings has it where it counts in that the writing is solid, but sadly, the mod is not without its flaws. There are occasional typos and misspellings, but nothing too serious in that regard. Its handling of sprites is where it tends to fall apart. I know how much of a royal pain it is to code proper sprite placement and such, but this mod is an example of how those presentation issues can drag things down. At the end of most scenes, the characters all just vanish instead of fading out (which isn’t necessary because most sprites are wiped by Ren’Py in scene transitions anyway). There are also times where characters are talking who aren’t on-screen, even when there’s no reason for that to be the case. Of greater concern is during the email segments when a character will pop up in front of the email while you’re still reading it. This happens more often than it should, especially since the characters could just stand to the side without blocking the text at all. It’s also a little cumbersome dealing with emails that ask multiple questions, as you usually have to read the whole thing and try to remember what was asked while the dokis make their responses. These were problems I solved in Interview Club that are a lot more glaring when you see them implemented like this.

Apart from those issues, the characters’ expressions can be a little off sometimes. The mod switches to the Mood Pose Tool around episode 3, and you can see it being put to better use as time goes on, but some of the expressions are still kinda weird to me and don’t always feel like they match up with what’s being said. When things are off, it becomes hard to read the emotion of the scene. There were times when a character would start crying, and to me, it felt like it was out of nowhere because I wasn’t getting the vibe that they were upset. It made some of the emotional scenes feel pretty forced, and that’s not great for a story that’s trying to get you attached. However, even if some expressions could be more fitting, I’m still glad the author bothered to change them frequently. Having a new expression for every line helps the characters feel alive, so that’s not a problem in this mod.

Overall, Club Meetings Season 1 is a great mod with a lot to offer. It seems a little made-for-YouTube at times with some of the comedy (especially the campy/slapstick moments), but I enjoyed it the most when it wasn’t trying to be funny. It’s true enough to the characters and source material that it feels like a legit extension of DDLC. It isn’t just romance and doesn’t ignore the meta aspect of the original. We get to spend time with all the characters and see more of what their lives are like. Some parts are a bit silly or convenient, but they don’t detract much from it as a whole. Likewise, it has some technical issues, but they aren’t too big of a drawback. All things considered, I would give this a…


And it would’ve been higher if some of those tech issues were fixed.

98 | Jan. 21, 2021, 10:32 p.m.

this is quite possibly my favorite DDLC mod of which i have played an embarrassing amount. it expands on every character in such a comforting way. this mod is great for anyone who wants a wonderful experience that feels something akin to a slice of life anime in a sense.

80 | Dec. 31, 2020, 8:49 a.m.

This mod was pretty enjoyable and the concept of having an email people can send things too was pretty cool although both that and the poems (which were pretty well written) kinda started to get old later on as this mod is pretty long. My other issue with this one is that at times it sacrificed quality and characterization to make jokes. Some of them were pretty funny but quite a few also fell flat for me. Anyways, i had fun playing this one overall as a way to just relax from any intensive plotlines.

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