Window to Your Heart

Window to Your Heart

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You play as a brand new MC: a transfer student cursed with a special gift. At Monika's request, it's your job to found the literature club yet again for one last year.


In Window to Your Heart, you play as a brand new MC: a transfer student cursed with a special gift. This mod takes place after an alternate version of DDLC's Act 1, leading to the dissolution of the literature club. At Monika's request, it's your job to reform the club as well as the girls' friendship before graduation. Will you make this an eventful senior year?

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all girls lighthearted All funny extended story sad new characters

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83 | Dec. 31, 2020, 8:56 a.m.

WTYH tries to do many different things, and it does almost all of them really really well. It has some really good humor, wholesome moments, lighthearted moments, romance, a bit of nice suspense as well as some mystery mainly to do with the new mc, some of the best sad/emotional moments, well written characters, including two (and a really good mc) new characters that are both really likable, a really strong ending, pretty good cgs. All of these different peices blend really well, and it never feels like one bit that has a different tone takes away from the others, even though the mod bounced around quite a bit. The character dynamics that develop are top notch in this mod too. It's a pretty loose story for most of the time that remains an interesting slice of life. The simple plot explanation is that it’s about reforming the literature club with a new mc as president, but that honestly isn’t what this mod focuses on much. There’s so many things this mod did really well, and so many things this mod is memorable for, and for all these reasons it’s one of the best mods I’ve played.

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