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DDLC from Yuri's point of view



Important note: Please be advised that this mod has intentionally disturbing content. See the bottom screen for a full list of content warnings.

This mod is intended to be a character study of Yuri, told entirely from her point of view, showcasing her struggles with fitting in, her feelings of self-loathing, her escapism into fantasy, her attempts to overcome her self-harm habit, and her eventual descent into madness. This is a very dark mod, rather different from my previous work, in that it deals with deep emotional pain and gets quite bloody. Even if you enjoyed my previous work, please use your discretion when playing. Be safe and pace yourself if you need to.



Copy the file "scripts.rpa" into the folder named "game" within the DDLC folder and overwrite the existing file, then start up DDLC as normal. Easy as that.


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This mod contains...

Detailed descriptions of self-harm, especially cutting

Detailed descriptions of violent fantasies

Descriptions of violent bullying

References to violent domestic abuse, including sexual abuse

Graphic depictions of blood and violence, including murder

References to suicide and suicidal ideation

Jump scares

Pre-marital hand-holding

All tags for this mod:

All yuri horror yuri pov

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85 | Dec. 31, 2020, 9 a.m.

While it would be expected that it would be pretty boring and deal with really bad act 1 syndrome, Storm managed to keep me engaged for the most part by focusing on scenes outside of the club and of Yuri interacting with the others without MC. Yuri's character was a very interesting one in this mod in terms of the writing of her gave her a set personality in her mind that was interesting and quite different and the tonal shifts between acts were done very well. Focusing on her issues and overcoming them as well as both tying them into the story and things like writing her poems were also done very well. Storm also has some really nice art and cool little effects with both text and graphics. My main gripes for this mod would be the repetitive music along with it often times not being faded in, as well as the fact that while it was avoided pretty well, including every bit of dialogue from base game where Yuri is on screen did get quite boring, even if Tormuse did a good job of adding interesting thoughts behind it.

72 | Dec. 11, 2020, 11:14 p.m.

amazing mod

71 | Dec. 8, 2020, 12:48 a.m.

what the frick i love this mod so much that i cant even put it into words vjhfdkgrdkfbvj

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