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Short horror mod about Dokis and their dreams.


Have you ever wondered how is the dream of a Doki? And how you would feel to visit and analyze it? In the mod you can dream-dive into one dream of each doki.

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all girls All short horror

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88 | Dec. 31, 2020, 9:06 a.m.

All I see from this mod is potential. There are some really cool stylistic choices to each of the dreams to make them distinct, but none of them were executed well at all. Sayori and Monika had some that were almost really good, but lots of issues held them back. The other two being more forgettable.

The main weaknesses included pretty poor grammar and spelling, meh art, some very bad bgs in the natsuki section, and all of the characters just feeling off a bit at time.
This mod could have been great and reminds me a lot of the m collection, but just doesnt execute nearly as well, even if it had some really nice ideas and structure

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