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This time, the Literature Club will find happiness.


This is a DDLC mod that provides a different ending to the game. This ending will not be available until the game has been completed and the good ending has been seen. Only then will it start.

This has been made with all our love and care for the game, and as a thanks for the experience it has given to me. As a side note, I'm not natively english, so there might be some errors here and there. I'm accepting any kind of feedback, whether it's good or bad, because I want to improve myself, for the sake of this and for the sake of my future releases, if any.

To anywho who might download this to play it, just place the file into the game folder, allocated near the game's executable. If everything worked, the game should now have three exclamation marks on the title, and the version down right in the preferences window should now have a (mo) added to it. This was made for the standalone PC version, so expect the exclusive steam stuff to not happen, maybe.

With love and care, NNDanny.

So, a lot of you have been asking me to get the savefile. I don't want to share it directly, so I will be hosting said savefile at the official Our Final Heartbeat Discord. Please, join by clicking here:


If you find trouble installing the mod, getting it, or during a playthrough, please, enter said server as well. We will try to provide you the best of our help. If you want to support the project, become part of it, and/or just have sneak peeks at what's coming, please, join the server as well.

All tags for this mod:

all girls All multiple endings multiple choice extended story natsuki new characters natsuki's dad

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