Poems of Death

Poems of Death

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Poems of Death follows the murder of Monika, and the aftermaths. The club is left in distrust while they try to figure out who was the murderer...


When Monika was found hanging in her bedroom, it took the club by shock. Mahlon was one of those who found the body. But there was immediately something fishy about it. That's when they found out she didn't kill herself. She was murdered.
From that point, Faith didn't trust anyone. Her instincts were telling her over and over again: 'Anyone could be the murderer.' She needed to find who it was. For that, she needed information.
And it was pretty clear that Tina knew more than she let on. Avoiding everyone since the murder, she only had one goal in mind. She would protect the only other person that she has. Even if she had to resort to the thing she despised the most...



Published by the Various Artists

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