Doki Doki Struggle v5.0

Doki Doki Struggle v5.0

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Doki Doki Struggle is a Doki Doki Literature Cub fan mod that focuses on Yuri's daily life with anxiety and depression.


This mod follows MC as he grows closer with the lavender-haired bookworm. However, he soon notices that something is wrong with her. He brushes it off at first, but after a few breakdowns from Yuri, he decides he's going to try his best to figure out what's wrong.

As he tries to fathom what is going on with Yuri, you get to see things from her point of view on some certain nights. You'll see a glimpse of what goes through her mind on a regular basis.

Things come to a head on the following Wednesday when Yuri breaks down in the club room.

Will you get your happy ending with Yuri? Will you be able to find out what's going on? Find out in Doki Doki Struggle.

WARNING: Please do not play this mod if you under 16.

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character development relationship All nsfw mental illness romance depression anxiety inspirational

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