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A journey of self discovery- a mysterious truth and facing your inner demons.


What is this mod about?

- facing your fears
- discovering the truth


- around 30-50 minutes

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all girls All scary horror

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102 | Feb. 22, 2021, 5:26 a.m.

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90 | Dec. 31, 2020, 9:11 a.m.

Somnium is another of the fleeting feelings mods. It didnt really feel nearly as captivating as Dissapearance or as clever as Don’t, however it was still interesting and tied into the world well as well as just getting me to think

11 | Oct. 20, 2019, 3:07 p.m.

I was told to review this after a single playthrough and to be brutally honest. However, I don’t think brutality has any place in critique, so I guess -M! will be very disappointed.Somnium is a different kind of DDLC mod. It tells a story, but not in the way most traditional mods do. If you’ve played -M!’s other mod, Disappearance of the Literature Club, then you know what you’re in for. Instead of cute girls with expressive sprites and movements, you get a first-person perspective relating disjointed events to you through unclear terms. It’s your job to read between the lines and piece together what’s going on, and even which character you are (though it becomes obvious before very long). This mod is artistic in its presentation and feels more like an experimental film in some ways. It’s probably not going to grab most people’s attention, given its serious tone and lack of meme nonsense, but even so, I’m glad -M! would rather make something unique that’s less popular than just do the same thing as everyone else.So what is Somnium about? Well, I can’t really tell you because it’s something you’re supposed to find out on your own. While I can’t divulge the plot without spoiling the whole thing, I can describe how it’s presented. Somnium is a very bleak and grim mod. It uses a dark aesthetic to set the mood. Text boxes are black. Familiar sound effects are removed. Colorful backgrounds have been tinged a dull grey. It’d probably come off as edgy if it didn’t handle its writing so well. As before, the story is not told through characters on-screen. You spend most of the game moving from one backdrop to another while you get pieces of dialogue and inner monologues that hint to you about the goings-on. There’s a huge variety of locations you visit, so that partially makes up for the lack of characters shown. With the locale constantly changing, you won’t grow bored of the scenery, unpleasant though it may be.Apart from the story being told, there are frequent interludes that ask you some questions about life, yourself, and your perceptions. I have no idea if any of these menu choices mean anything or impact the mod’s events. However, they do get you thinking, as they’re usually the sort of things that wouldn’t cross your mind. They may also make you uncomfortable with how personal or upsetting they are. Perhaps they’re intended to put you in a certain mindset while you witness the mod’s events, but heck if I know. It wouldn’t be the same without them, but they don’t exactly contribute in a meaningful way, either; not that I could tell in just one playthrough, at least.The mod is not very long. I cleared the whole thing within an hour. It’s very deliberate in how it presents itself, and it manages its pacing and tone very well. I saw maybe one typo in the entire thing and the writing holds up just fine, but what could it have done better? terms of being an experience, I had a hard time getting invested in it. It kinda left me feeling empty inside, and maybe that was intentional, but that’s a feeling I’m familiar with anyway (don’t worry, I’m okay). It’s not here to make you laugh, nor is it here to make you cry. It just kind of...exists, and makes you question things.I can’t help but compare this to -M!’s previous work since they share so many similarities. The questions here would be “What does Somnium do differently than Disappearance?” and “Was it better or worse for it?” They deliver similar experiences in roughly the same format. I think I’d say Somnium is a little better. It’s more engaging because of the various questions it asks. It’s also less vague since it’s much easier to figure out whose eyes you’re seeing this through, but by the same token, it’s more obvious because they practically throw it in your face. One of the characters addresses you by a nickname that makes it perfectly clear. Disappearance had the opposite problem in that telling who you were could’ve used more context clues, and this mod might’ve had the same issue if not for what I described.I suppose my biggest criticism would be that Somnium isn’t doing anything new that Disappearance didn’t already cover. They have their distinctions and the stories are unique, but they’re about the same kind of experience. Thus, in a way, Somnium is sorta like more of the same thing. I don’t think that invalidates it by any stretch; there’s certainly room for more like Disappearance in the mod community. However, if a third game were to follow this pattern, I think it might feel stale.From an objective standpoint, Somnium is nearly flawless. It works, it’s well-written, and it does what it set out to do. However, it’s not the most compelling experience, and you may need to be feeling broody to properly enjoy it (in whatever sense the word ‘enjoy’ applies here). At the very least, it won’t overstay its welcome, so give it a look if you have an hour to spare. It’s not a rocking good time, but it’s interesting enough to warrant a chance. For people who like arbitrary numbers, I’d give it a 4/5.

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