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    Sayori tries to help MC by doing random things with him, one of them is taking him to the Literature Club where he meets the other girls. There is one girl that catches his attention...

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    All 12 Episodes of Club Meetings Season 1, plus collected extra content and a special summer minisode!

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    A perspectives mod where you view the game from each of the four girls points of view. Your decisions decide their fates.

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    Comedy mod set in WW2 Imperial Japan

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    This is essentially a choice-based mod off of a now dead YouTube Interactive by SMG4.

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    The aim of the Purist Mod is to turn DDLC into a more traditional dating sim, and give each girl their own route as if it were a “normal” visual novel

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    Set during a heavily competitive festival revolving around literature, (in which the whole town is in on) the literature club does everything in their power to collect the most literature out of all the attending clubs.


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