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    Doki Doki Struggle is a Doki Doki Literature Cub fan mod that focuses on Yuri's daily life with anxiety and depression.

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    Sayori tries to help MC by doing random things with him, one of them is taking him to the Literature Club where he meets the other girls. There is one girl that catches his attention...

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    Exit Music: Redux is a total rewrite and general overhaul of the 2018 Radiohead-inspired mod, Exit Music.

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    MC and sayori both have depression and it's up to MC's sister, the new club member and the rest of the club to help them before it's too late....for them both.

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    Monika gives the player another chance to save the girls, and edits the code so her old self can't change anything, but accidentally make the mc depressed, will you be able to overcome the new obstacle and save the girls or will you fail to do so?

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    What is this mod about? -depression -dreams -friendship


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