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    DDSS is about mostly the MC and Sayori, you find out about Sayori's depression, and your love for her, now instead of Sayori being your best friend, she's your girlfriend, :o

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    A story which deals with the dark themes of the original game in a sensitive manner

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    in Pink Eyes, We Are Again at the club, but this time we bring Natsuki to life in this fun and warm love story

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    A short DDLC Christmas mini-mod. No description is given.

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    A short crossover episode between DDLC and Meet the Heavy from the game Team Fortress 2.

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    It serves as an alternate reality to DDLC in which Monika has a route and doesn't fuck with the others, or their code.

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    Picking up where the original game went wrong (the end of Act I), this mod fixes its problems and takes you to where you could never go before: The Festival.

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    The Literature Club puts on a pantomime show at the festival and perform a variety of different songs.

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    This is essentially a choice-based mod off of a now dead YouTube Interactive by SMG4.

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    Our Time

    After finishing the game, you decide to bring Monika back. This time, you decide to give her the happiness that she wanted all along.


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