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    Mod about Dokis becoming youtubers.

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    8+ people created this mod in the span of 48 hours. You can just tell it is going to be great.

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    You know Games Repainted? Yeah that but for DDLC.

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    A mod that transforms all DDLC characters into dope-slinging hoodrats.

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    The mod is about a random, but awfully stupid, Indian man entering the club, "claims" to be a teacher; however, Dokis are trying to kick him due to becoming an irritating person and a waste of time. (Ironically, this mod has high-quality animations.)

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    MC's first day in the club goes a bit haywire...

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    A short crossover episode between DDLC and Meet the Heavy from the game Team Fortress 2.

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    A Plumber, A Cinnamon Bun, Cheaters, Beaters, Evil Bosses, Shower Scenes, Get it?

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    This is a semi-short mod about... well... I think you can guess.

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    I made a small mod that's very nonsensical and is supposed to be humorous. Hopefully it is.

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    Monika has invited Sayori to lunch and insisted that she take a friend, so now you are coming along too.

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    This mod is basically just a semi accurate remake of the drill sergeant scene from Full Metal Jacket with DDLC characters.


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