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    Poems of Death follows the murder of Monika, and the aftermaths. The club is left in distrust while they try to figure out who was the murderer...

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    2022. You are doing a project when something odd comes. Monika. Join her as you enter DDLC to protect the girls however 5 years have passed. What do you remember?

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    DDLC: Take Two!

    Monika gives her reality a second chance!

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    You play as a brand new MC: a transfer student cursed with a special gift. At Monika's request, it's your job to found the literature club yet again for one last year.

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    An "All Dokis Have Routes" mod acting as a genre-shift sequel and spiritual successor to DDLC with many new takes on existing characters, 4th wall breaks and such but absolutely no jump scares.

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    MC and sayori both have depression and it's up to MC's sister, the new club member and the rest of the club to help them before it's too late....for them both.

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    Reunion with old friends, soon to go wrong.

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    A mod where Monika brings back everything after being in the void

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    Picking up where the original game went wrong (the end of Act I), this mod fixes its problems and takes you to where you could never go before: The Festival.

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    You wake up in a void and restore Monika and convince her to restore the game. Will you be able to make thing right between the girls?

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    A band of soldiers are brought to a mysterious island facility where not everything is as it seems...


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