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    Exit Music: Redux is a total rewrite and general overhaul of the 2018 Radiohead-inspired mod, Exit Music.

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    You play as a brand new MC: a transfer student cursed with a special gift. At Monika's request, it's your job to found the literature club yet again for one last year.

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    Sayori dies, MC tries to save her when he goes back in time.

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    A story which deals with the dark themes of the original game in a sensitive manner

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    in Pink Eyes, We Are Again at the club, but this time we bring Natsuki to life in this fun and warm love story

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    This mod is all about nothing going how you want it to. There truly isn't any happiness.

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    I don't really know what this mod is about, I'm struggling to add something here

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    In this fan game/mod, you get to play through DDLC's original Act I... With Sayori's point of view.

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    This episode will cover the same amount of time as Episode 1, but this time with a focus on Yuri. You'll see how Yuri's story intersects with the events of the first episode, and finally how the day of the festival plays out from her perspective.

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    Follow Sayori in this alternative telling of her story

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