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    Join Yuri and Sayonika in an introspection of past year with a wholesome ending.

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    DDLC from Yuri's point of view

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    Sienna joins the Literature Club, and things begin to go wrong. It's time for Yuri to step up and make the right decisions.

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    Scattered Stars is urban fantasy mixed with sci-fi. Each character has their own unique abilities and attributes. While some are from a different species. Scattered Stars has 4 seasons each one focusing on a doki and the overall plot.

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    Sayori dies, MC tries to save her when he goes back in time.

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    This is one of my older mods, released sometime around late 2018. Keep in mind that I was very much worse at mod creation, and although it's an okay mod, it could very much use a fresh coat of paint.

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    Doki Doki Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel is a Yuri based mod that will allow you to get closer to Yuri and help her with her self harm, social anxiety, and insecurities. Watch the story unfold as you grow closer to the Lavender Lass.

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    Set 5 years in a different reality before the events of the first episode and most mods in mod lore.

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    Stanley Parable inspired mod, where Yuri is the protagonist.

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    The aim of the Purist Mod is to turn DDLC into a more traditional dating sim, and give each girl their own route as if it were a “normal” visual novel

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    This episode will cover the same amount of time as Episode 1, but this time with a focus on Yuri. You'll see how Yuri's story intersects with the events of the first episode, and finally how the day of the festival plays out from her perspective.


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